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Henceforth just forget about OOP, AOP and stuff, it's all known about. Let's get into EOP!



What does EOP mean?
It is Event- Oriented Programming… Or even Event- Oriented aPproach.

Well, it does not deny these old good things like OOP and AOP. It extends them and forces them to work.

Have a look at a human, a live creature.
We can try to model him using a programming language. Let's look at him from 3 point of view:

  1. OOP: He is an object and he has properties and we even can do something with him.
  2. AOP: Off course, we observe some aspects like nervous system and blood circulation.
  3. EOP: He reacts to environment and internal changes.

In other words, EOP is a way of thinkning.
It focuses on dynamic states and actions taken on changes. It is not about static structure of a system, it's about system behaviour.


Event-driven architecture (EDA) is a software architecture pattern promoting the production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to events.

An event driven system is extremely loose coupled - the producer has no knowledge of the event's subsequent processing, or the interested consumers. Consumers are careless about sources where events may come from.

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